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Melody of the soul

We only dream worthy dreams with our hearts
Those thoughts that flitter & sputter around in our heads
are usually just so much buzz
filling up the empty moments
when our hearts are sleeping.

Our souls tell our hearts when they hear the right music
There are so many alluring melodies floating around.
But only one song is right for each of us.
When your heart hears, your soul knows

It seems impossible
to live every moment with your heart awake & listening
sometimes you need the calm of just knowing it will happen
maybe not today,
maybe not even tomorrow
but one day.
Everyone has one day

You have to train your heart to listen in the background
through the buzz of everyday life
through the sputter of adolesence
and the flitter of young adulthood
then the throb of middle age
finally through the ticking of old age

HaShem will call

Everyday can hold that dream

when you hear it
grasp the melody & memorize it
sing it everyday
dream it every night

It will carry you through
all the buzzing
and sputtering
and flittering
and throbbing
and ticking

to the calm
that is true Shalom
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